Statewide Communications Exercise

Who:      All Illinois RACES, ARES, and AUXCOMM volunteers are asked and encouraged to participate in this test.

When:    14 MAY 2016 from 1000 thru 1200 local time.

Where:    NC9IL, the Illinois EMA’s AUXCOMM station will be active on the following frequencies:

  •  3.905 MHz LSB (+/- QRM)
  •  7.230 MHz LSB (+/- QRM)
  • 444.250 MHz FM (WS9V repeater)
  • 443.800 MHz FM (Decatur)
  • Winlink (address
  • Echolink node 824404 (WB0VTM-L SIEMNET Conference Node)

Objective:  The objective of this exercise is twofold.  First it’s an opportunity to wring out the station in Springfield, NC9IL,  to make sure that all the equipment is working as it should be.  We are also looking for proof of performance by running two, concurrent, HF stations, along with VHF and UHF systems, and Echolink, all simultaneously from that location.   Secondly, we want to make direct contact with as many of our Illinois volunteer emergency communications as possible, and, give those volunteers the opportunity to pass simple messages in real time with the Illinois AUXCOMM station.

Exchange:  NC9IL will be looking for each operator’s NAME, COUNTY of RESIDENCE, and YOUR CONTACT TELEPHONE NUMBER.    First names only, please.  So, the exchange I would send to NC9IL would go something like

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ARES Training

The dates for the ARES training have been finalized. They are Tuesday, April 12 from 7 to 9 PM and Saturday, April 16, from 9 to 11 AM. The training will take place at the McHenry County Mental Health Building on Dakota Street in Crystal Lake. This is the same location where the storm spotters training was done. Pictures for IDs will be taken. You only need to attend one of the sessions to become a fully registered member of the ARES team. Watch for a registration link soon.


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Latest Weather Lead Schedule

Here is the latest weather lead schedule. This most likely will be the last for 2015.

8/2 – Jacobsen

8/9 – Leracz

8/16 – Zelz

8/23 – Rospopo

8/30 – Jacobsen

9/6 – Leracz

9/13 – Zelz

9/20 – Rospopo

9/27 – Jacobsen

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Field Day 2015 Results

Here are the numbers for FD 2015. Thanks to all who participated in any way at making this a success!

Trivia: We achieved Worked all States (WAS). We also worked Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands, Mexico and Costa Rica. We missed a clean sweep of all sections by just 2 sections, East Bay and Newfoundland/Labrador!
80M  103
40M  351
20M  491
15M  83

CW/Digital QSO’s  1028
Year-to-Year  29.63%
80M  11
40M  105
20M  45
15M  58
10M  21

Phone QSO’s  240
Year-to-Year  -25.93%

Total QSO’s  1268  13.52%

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Field Day 2015

Field Day is coming upon us quickly. The event will occur on June 27 and 28, 2015, with operating to begin a 1PM local time. Here is a description of our activities:

-Field Day operations will begin on Friday afternoon, June 26 with the setting up and staging of as much equipment as possible. This will include potentially the installation of antennas.

-Saturday setup begins at 8AM with positioning of the trailers, generators and anything else that did not get done on Friday.

-Lunch will be provided on Saturday to include sandwiches, etc.

-Operations begin at 1PM local time on Saturday

-Dinner will be provided Saturday evening. Menu looks VERY nice and includes the S-word (you figure it out.)

-Breakfast will be prepared on Sunday morning.

-Break down will begin during the morning on Sunday of items not needed, such as 80M dipole (if we are using one.)

– A light lunch will be provided on Sunday.

If you are available to participate in the event, please let John, or Al, know so they can plan for adequate refreshments.

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Weather Lead Schedule for June and July 2015

Here is the latest weather lead schedule:

6/7 – Jacobsen

6/14 – Leracz

6/21 – Zelz

6/28 – Rospopo

7/5 – Jacobsen

7/12 – Leracz

7/19 – Rospopo

7/26 – Zelz

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Weather Lead Schedule

Weather Lead Schedule for April and May

Here are the weather leads for the first two months of the storm season. Backup leads will be done on a volunteer basis.

4/5         – Zelz

4/12       – Rospopo

4/19       – Leracz

4/26       – Jacobsen

5/3         – Rospopo

5/10       – Leracz

5/17       – Jacobsen

5/24       – Zelz

5/31       – Rospopo

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