ARES Annual Test Schedule for Illinois Amateur Radio

From the IL ARES DEC/EC Meeting – Center testing on the 15th of each month at 1900 hours Illinois time for two hours The months and days are indicated below for 2021. Each year the 15th will remain the same but day of week will obviously change.

January (Friday)  -Winlink message (HF radio to inside-Illinois gateway to another operator Call Sign)

February (Monday) – Wellness net on 3.905 LSB/Echolink WB0VTM-L/Illinois Link TG

March (Monday )- Winlink messages P2P HF (3.570 USB)

April (Thursday) – HF Simplex test on 146.52000 FM or 144.20000 USB

May (Saturday) – VHF Simplex message across State of Illinois at several locations (South to North, West to East)

June (Tuesday) – Winlink message (HF radio to out-of-State gateway (internet) to Email address)

July (Thursday) – Winlink message (HF radio to out-of-State gateway (internet) to another operator Call Sign)

August (Sunday) – HF 60 meter test (Channel 1 5330.5 Dial USB)

September (Wednesday) – 6 meter test (50.12500 USB) or

October (Friday)  – Family Radio Service test (Channel 1, 0 no encode/decode)

November (Monday) – CW test (3.522 Mhz  < 5 WPM straight key or two wires)

December (Wednesday) – Winlink P2P test (FM 145.61000) or HF

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