Earthquakes and Ham Radio

On Monday, February 8, 2021, at 7 PM the DuPage ARES Regular Team Meeting (via Zoom) will feature a special presentation on a developing relationship and mission for amateur emergency communications.Tom Beebe, W9RY, will be presenting on “Did You Feel It?” . . . a program from the US Geological Survey which is in turn developing a relationship with the radio amateur community to create relationships to gather information in the event of an earthquake. Those of you who have seen Thom’s presentation at WCRA Hamfest can attest to the worth of this presentation. Anybody is welcome to join the meeting, whether your are an ARES member or not. Even if your situation and time limits your emcomm activities at present, the knowledge Thom will present will be very good to have “in your hip pocket,” so to speak. Some of you may ask . . . earthquakes? This isn’t Southern California, and the New Madrid and Wabash faults are way down south. I hate to disillusion you, but peculiarities of Illinois geology mean that any tremors will be carried stronger and further by MANY orders of magnitude here. Also, please think how much critical infrastructure – roads, railroads, pipelines, power grid . . . just for starters cross the Mississippi or Wabash or Ohio along our borders. Thom will explain, and will tell you how amateurs are uniquely able to help. It is not just about the earthquake threat but how our operational capabilities can be put to use. This presentation is definitely worth your time. So please join us on February 8.The Zoom info for this what I call the “Elmer” zoom channel, not our regular DuPage ARES meeting place.…

Meeting ID: 666 446 520
Password: 545871

Thank you,

David Harr K9GSW (ex-KF9IO — I took my 1957 call back)

DuPage County ARES Emergency Coordinator

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