Powerpole Connectors

RACES and ARES Standard Power Connector

RACES and ARES organizations around the country have now standardized on the Anderson Powerpole® for DC power connections.  Following suit, McHenry County RACES and ARES recommend that all our members use these connector on all of their equipment. This is to promote inter-operability among all equipment. Additionally, all volunteers are encouraged to create variety of “pigtails” that have Powerpole on one end and other more common connectors on the other end (alligator clips, cigarette lighter, bare wire etc.) Powerpoles can handle 15, 30 or 45 amps using the same connector (the contact must be matched to the current load).  They are also genderless, meaning the supply and load connectors are the same, reducing the number of parts required.

Either the 15-ampere or 30-ampere sizes may be used, and both sizes mate with each other.  The 30A connector is preferred as it is compatible with both.  The plastic housings are the same for both sizes.  The barrel area (which holds the wire) of the 15-amp silver-plated contact is smaller than that of the 30-amp contact, but the contact area is the same.  The connectors dovetail together into a compact unit.

Below you can see correct way to prepare contacts and what it should look like once it’s inserted in to the connector.