Nets and Repeater

K9ESV repeater

Primary repeater for the operation of our group is the K9ESV repeater located in Woodstock Illinois with operating frequencies 146.835 out, 146.235 in, and with PL of 91.5. With its antenna located on the public services radio tower at the county Government Center repeater covers the entire county and well beyond that.

Other then providing reliable county-wide coverage repeater is capable of broadcasting National Weather Service Watches and Warnings as well as paging alert tones. This provides us with an easy way to alert and activate our volunteers as well as keep general public informed about any potential hazards.


Net operations

Official RACES/ARES weekly net is conducted on Monday nights at 20:00 CST. This a formal, directed net conducted by trained net control operators. All check-ins are welcome, as we are always looking to expand our ranks and involve more hams in the county. The Purpose of this Net is to provide a single point of contact for all trained RACES & ARES operators in McHenry County, to test emergency communications procedures, and to provide information pertinent to the operations of the group. Other then weekly check in, net is used to keep our members appraised about upcoming public service events, training, group announcements and other ham radio related events.

Most common emergency net activations in our county are severe weather activations. During these nets, our members create a weather monitoring net all across the county to keep an eye on any developing storms and report any hazards. Most of our members are also trained storm spotters and any hazardous weather reports are forwarded directly to National Weather Service.


Net Control Stations for 2018/2019 (Revised 01/05/2018)

Monday Night Net Control Stations

1/1/2018 No Net   7/23/2018 Zwierzycki
1/8/2018 Finnegan   7/30/2018 McGrath
1/15/2018 Leracz   8/6/2018 DeSantis
1/22/2018 Zelz   8/13/2018 Dulaney
1/29/2018 Lubow   8/20/2018 Finnegan
2/5/2018 Zwierzycki   8/27/2018 Leracz
2/12/2018 McGrath   9/3/2018 No Net
2/19/2018 DeSantis   9/10/2018 Lubow
2/26/2018 Dulaney   9/17/2018 Zwierzycki
3/5/2018 Finnegan   9/24/2018 McGrath
3/12/2018 Leracz   10/1/2018 DeSantis
3/19/2018 Zelz   10/8/2018 Dulaney
3/26/2018 Lubow   10/15/2018 Finnegan
4/2/2018 Zwierzycki   10/22/2018 Leracz
4/9/2018 McGrath   10/29/2018 Zelz
4/16/2018 DeSantis   11/5/2018 Lubow
4/23/2018 Dulaney   11/12/2018 Zwierzycki
4/30/2018 Finnegan   11/19/2018 McGrath
5/7/2018 Leracz   11/26/2018 DeSantis
5/14/2018 Zelz   12/3/2018 Dulaney
5/21/2018 Lubow   12/10/2018 Finnegan
5/28/2018 No Net   12/17/2018 Leracz
6/4/2018 McGrath   12/24/2018 No Net
6/11/2018 DeSantis   12/31/2018 No Net
6/18/2018 Dulaney   1/7/2019 Zwierzycki
6/25/2018 Finnegan   1/14/2019 McGrath
7/2/2018 Leracz   1/21/2019 DeSantis
7/9/2018 Zelz   1/28/2019 Dulaney
7/16/2018 Lubow    

Net Control Operators are encouraged to exchange time slots with each other to best fit their schedules

Saturday Net Control Stations – Two Times Per Month (1st & 3rd Week of the Month)

1/6/2018 Zelz   8/4/2018 Clements
1/20/2018 Lubow   8/18/2018 McGrath
2/3/2018 Clements   9/1/2018 Zelz
2/17/2018 McGrath   9/15/2018 Lubow
3/3/2018 Zelz   10/6/2018 Clements
3/17/2018 Lubow   10/20/2018 McGrath
4/7/2018 Clements   11/3/2018 Zelz
4/21/2018 McGrath   11/17/2018 Lubow
5/5/2018 Zelz   12/1/2018 Clements
5/19/2018 Lubow   12/15/2018 McGrath
6/2/2018 Clements   1/5/2019 Zelz
6/16/2018 McGrath   1/19/2019 Lubow
7/7/2018 Zelz      
7/21/2018 Lubow    

Net Control Operators are encouraged to exchange time slots with each other to best fit their schedules