K9ESV’s WinLink RMS gateway site has been updated to allow TNC Digi direct, TNC Bulletin Board, and Mail Box. The Digi (DESV) and Bulletin Board /Mail Box (PESV) are considered backups to the primary Winlink mail server access point (K9ESV-10).

  • For WinLink users you can Digi to other WinLink Stations through K9ESV-10.
  • We will now beacon: IDEN Woodstock IL EN52si K9ESV-10 Digi DESV Node NESV BBS PESV McHenry County IL www.McRACES.Org
  • McHenry County Winlink-RMS packet gateway on 145.610 Simplex No PL.
  • More information on the Winlink system can be found at the link for the Live System Information.
  • Stations, status and frequency information are all at this link: