DuPage 2021 Advanced Severe Weather Seminar

DuPage has announced that the 2021 Advanced Severe Weather Seminar will not be held next year. Since DuPage needed to start planning for it now and the odds are low that large gatherings will be allowed in March, they decided to not hold the even this year.

At this point, we would expect the same to happen with NWS spotter trainings in Q1-2021 that McHenry County EMA sponsors . NWS already has run this same training virtual online and we expect to see same for next year.

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Field Day 2020 Results

Chart of our year over year results

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Severe Storm Spotting Classes On-line April 2020

NWS Chicago will be offering live webinar spotter training sessions this

The first spotter training webinar will be held on Thursday April 9th.
The plan is to hold at least one additional live webinar at a later date to be determined.

General Information: https://www.weather.gov/lot/spottertraining2020

April 9th Session Registration Link (direct link also in Tickets section):

https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/8900383205613779726    Follow
Instructions at this link.

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WINLINK- RMS Station Gateway Update K9ESV-10

On November 24, 2020  the RMS gateway site has been updated to allow Digi directly through the TNC.

We will now beacon: IDEN Woodstock IL EN52si K9ESV-10 Digi DESV Node NESV BBS PESV McHenry County IL www.McRACES.Org

McHenry County Winlink-RMS packet gateway on 145.610 Simplex No PL.  More information on the Winlink system can be found at the link for the Live System Information. Stations, status and frequency information are all at this link.  https://winlink.org/RMSChannels.

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2018 Field Day QSO Results

Here are the QSO results from Field Day 2018, including a comparison to the 2 previous years. Great job by everyone who participated! Lots of opportunity to improve even more next year. We’ll start discussing that at the August meeting.

Points Category Year
2016 2017 2018
160M 0 0 0
80M 112 41 65
40M 256 216 363
20M 465 366 405
15M 130 126 100
10M 9 88 54
6M 0 0 0
2M 0 0 0
70cm 0 0 0
160M 0 0 0
80M 22 24 50
40M 52 122 54
20M 57 94 34
15M 10 32 10
10M 0 1 0
6M 0 0 0
2M 1 0 0
70cm 0 0
SAT 0 0
Total QSOs 1114 1110 1135
Year-to-Year NA -0.36% 2.25%
CW/Digital QSOs 972 837 987
Year-to-Year NA -13.89% 17.92%
Phone QSOs 142 273 148
Year-to-Year NA 92.25% -45.79%
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